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Armed Response

Our onsite Guards are always equipped with Panic Buttons and Mobile Handsets Radios.
When our 24 Hours control room receives Threats signals from either the Panic Buttons or Mobile Radios, we immediately send one of our Armed Patrol vehicles to assist.

Integrated Neighbourhood Watch

*Our Guards must know when our clients are not in their Houses so that we can give more attention to houses of clients that is not at Home

*Clients MUST draw attentions of on duty Guards to escort them when coming back from work or driving back to their Houses

*Familiarity and awareness must exist between our guards and our Clients regular family, friends, relatives and employees staying or visiting them

*Pre knowledge of parties or events at all our clients properties is compulsory, so that our guards can prepare to look after clients {invited} visitors and guest VEHICLES parked inside and outside the VENUE premises

*Our clients are encouraged not to make themselves visible whenever there are suspected movements at their Yards, but instead call our guards or control room

*Clients are advised not to confront suspicious people around the perimeters of their property fences and entrances, instead our guards must be called to do it or back up from our offices should be called for that

*All our clients must call our control room emergency phone numbers in the event of emergency at all times

*Clients should keep our jurisdictional posted Guards cell phone Numbers

*Please note that suspects always have their own individual communications tactics, e.g. They can put one Bottle in front of a property gate to inform their colleagues that it is only one person at that particular house or they can Draw symbol of a Diamond inscriptions to inform themselves that that particular House deals on Diamond etc

*Clients must immediately call attention of our control room to site patrolling any GUARDS that is doing anything outside the site


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Foot Patrols:
Our security officers takes turn to go round our clients assets on 30 minutes..

Value Tronic:

Mag touch mechanism, which will be mounted at strategic and quiet part of clients properties.This can be monitored from our control room and cell phones..

Cctv patrol:
PTZ cameras installed at clients to do electronics patrols at our clients assets and properties on minutes basis..