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Jio Security Group

Transforming Kimberley into a safe city


JIO Security Group Is a Corporate-Resident and Private group Company and Risk Consultancy base in Kimberley, Jacobsdaal, Kuruman, Katu.



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Full Service Residential & Commercial Security

At JIO Security Group we believe that safety, more specifically the feeling of being safe is a crucial part of the foundation upon which any society business. Our core focus is to re-establish and maintain a safer environment for our clients to confidently focus on their day-to-day activities, and to provide them with the peace of mind that their safety, as well as the safety of their families.

Trusted & Experienced

Homes and businesses are secured by a reliable and trustworthy safety provider. We are a one stop mitigation and solution provider, serving various aspects of our client’s individual group and safety needs.


By applying specialized know -how and utilizing wide sourced information and service through our partners we strive to deliver the most effective and highest standard in group service and crime prevention provisions.

Other Services

Armed Response

When our 24 Hours control room receives Threats signals from either the Panic Buttons or …


We have various patrolling methods which comprises of foot patrolling, CCTV and Value tronics… 

Integrated Neighborhood Watch

Criminals always have their own individual communications tactics, e.g. They can put one Bottle in front of a property gate to inform their colleagues that it is only one person at that particular house or they can…

Some of our clients that has put their TRUST in our service